Bearing the motto “Right to Fail,” Korean label Kusikohc stands for individuality at its most authentic and unapologetic. Founded by Cho Giseok, a practiced polymath in the fields of photography, creative direction, and fine art, the label revels in the boundless possibility of 시도. Meaning “to try”, this Korean term embodies the ethos of the creative attempt, the repeated experiments that, over time, define our identities, philosophies, and purposes. Drawing upon his own artistic attempts and multidisciplinary endeavours, Cho translates the concepts of community, identity, and artistry into tangible objects, each an experiment in its own right. Part adornment, part talisman, Kusikohc’s jewelry abounds with spikes, bits of barbed wire, and dragon scales: an ode to the kind of hard-wearing hardware that has emblazoned youth subcultures for decades.