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ARTEFACT 213A BRANDBleue Burnham ITEM The Rose Pendant Necklace - Blue CATEGORY Necklace PRICE US$289 US$482 (Sold Out)
"A rose is a rose is a rose." Until it's not. Much more than just a garden-variety flower, the rose brings with it a multitude of connotations and associations: opulence, vitality, wellbeing, and romance. Arriving in a bouquet of gemstone hues, Bleue Burnham's Rose Pendant Necklace displays as much versatility as its floral namesake. Set with a precious blue sapphire, this pendant aims to promote the rose's many attributes to its wearer.

Material: Recycled sterling silver (925), Lab-created sapphrie
Dimensions: Sapphire: 12 x 10 mm, Length: 50 cm

•Handcrafted in London