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ARTEFACT 213A118 BRANDCompletedworks ITEM Stream Earrings - Gold CATEGORY Earring PRICE US$158 US$317
In the field of physics, the force exerted through a cord or cable is referred to as 'tension'. Through jewels that loop and twist like lengths of rope, Completedworks' 'Tied' collection explores how we tie down the objects that matter to us and, in so doing, become tied down ourselves. The concentric hoops of these gold vermeil earrings hold a single freshwater pearl and zirconia stone in perfect stasis, embodying the tension that exists between ourselves and the things we carry with us.

Materials: 14ct gold plated recycled sterling silver (925), freshwater pearl, zirconia stone
Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.5 x 2 cm (each)

•Ethically sourced materials

•Gold vermeil