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ARTEFACT 213A016 BRANDCompletedworks ITEM Wake Vase - Textured Beige CATEGORY Homeware PRICE US$72 US$129
Drawing from the work of French essayist Georges Perec, completedworks' 'Fold' collection celebrates the beauty of lesser dignified everyday objects: The unmade bedsheets, folded dishcloths, and crushed milk jugs that chart our daily movements and populate our homes. Part of the label's 'Fold' collection, the Wake Vessel eschews the classical rules of traditional ceramics, alluding, instead, to the rumpled and crumpled shapes of our most-used possessions. Materials: Stoneware, finished with a warm cream glaze
Height: 14 cm, Width: 7.5 cm, Depth: 6 cm Handcrafted Ethically sourced materials