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Introducing the Cherub Pearl Ring by Georgia Kemball — a harmonious blend of elegance and enchantment. Hand–carved in sterling silver, this ring features two graceful cherubs, playfully perched as guardians of love. They frame a radiant freshwater pearl, adding a touch of serenity and sophistication to the piece. Drawing from the mystical allure of ancient mythology, this ring celebrates the talismanic power of jewelry. With its artful design and symbolic charm, it serves as both a captivating accessory and a protective amulet. Adorn yourself with the Cherub Pearl Ring, and embrace its magical presence. Whether you're seeking love, wisdom, or simply a dash of celestial whimsy, this ring is a timeless treasure for the spirited sophisticate.

Ring head: 24mm in width, 20mm in height, 5mm in depth
Material: Sterling silver 925, freshwater pearl