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ARTEFACT 213A007 BRANDMelted Potato ITEM Melting Heart Earrings CATEGORY Earring PRICE US$138
The summer that designer Amber Yang founded Melted Potato, she was listening to Jay Chou’s “Lovely Woman”—“I want to melt with you and melt into the galaxy”—on repeat while melting, herself, under the estival sun. Shaped like an oozing heart and a dripping ellipse, these earrings evoke Chou's lyrics, and the warm, melt-y feeling of being in love.

Material: Stainless steel, silver, plastic, clear coat
Dimensions: Heart earring: 65 x 40 x 20 mm, Other earring: 105 x 29 x 20 mm

•Earring posts
•Asymettrical design
•Unique texture and color per edition