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ARTEFACT 213A131 BRANDSantangelo ITEM Glory's Forever Waist Chain Simone CATEGORY Body PRICE US$385
Designer Anna Santangelo drew the saying "Glory's Forever" from a t-shirt on the pages of Paula's Ibiza 25 Years. The tome serves as a visual record of Paula's, one of the Ibiza's most iconic boutiques and a mecca for 1970's hippiedom. Made up of twoe different necklaces, each with psychedelic abalone and jemsmonite pendants, Santangelo's waist chain captures the eternal ecstasy and glory of Paula's. Materials: Abalone, jesmonite pendant, sterling silver chains and hardware
Dimensions: Herringbone chain length: 20 in, Romy chain necklace: 16 in, Total length: 37 in Handcrafted in USA Detachable pendant Adjustable length