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ARTEFACT 213A079 BRANDTom Wood ITEM Coin Ring Angel CATEGORY Ring PRICE US$320 US$533 (Sold Out)
The meaning of the word "angel" has undergone many transformations across human history. In Ancient Greece, they were simply messengers. Today, they're known as benevolent guides and protectors. Merging millennia of meaning, this signet is handcrafted from an authentic Ancient Greek coin and engraved with a modern-day angel. It's imbued with its namesake's protective properties and is made to be worn as a personal talisman.

Material: Solid 9k gold (top plate), sterling silver (925)
Dimensions: Top plate (52, 56): 15 x 15 mm, Top plate (58): 16.5 x 16.5 mm

•White rhodium plating
•Cast from an authentic ancient Greek coin
•Anti-tarnish treatment