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ARTEFACT 213A035 BRANDCompletedworks ITEM The Best Place to be a Puffin - Ring CATEGORY Ring PRICE US$169 US$338
The rocky beaches of Scotland's Isle of May were once replete with puffins. Due to climate change, however, the island's once-robust puffin population has declined, steeply, in the last decade. Completedworks "Fold" collection is a comment on a host of massive topics, like memory, society, consumerism, and the climate crisis. Part of "Fold", this irregular signet ring casts the Isle of May's craggy coastlines in sterling silver, eternalizing what was once the best place to be a puffin. Materials: Platinum plated recycled sterling silver (925)
Dimensions: Height: 25 mm, Depth: 15 mm Handcrafted