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In 1974, French essayist Georges Perec posed the question: "how should we take account of, question, describe what happens everyday and recurs everyday: the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra–ordinary, the background noise, the habitual?" Completedworks answers Perec's call, eternalizing the everyday in precious metal. These earrings, which unfurl languidly around the lobe, draw their shape from unmade bedsheets, hair scrunchies, and household cloths, wrung out to dry.

Materials: 14ct yellow gold plated recycled sterilng silver (925)
Dimensions: 22 × 22 × 9 mm (each)

  • Handcrafted
  • Earring post and clip fastening
  • Asymmetrical pair
  • Gold vermeil