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ARTEFACT 213A062 BRANDVasiliki ITEM Samsa CATEGORY Earring PRICE US$402 US$670
At the beginning of The Metamorphosis, salesman Gregor Samsa wakes to find himself in the body of an insect. This classic novella, written by Franz Kafka, is a story of alienation. Samsa, himself, is a creature of habit, overworked and stuck. With this jewel, designer Kiki Karayianni transforms Samsa's predicament into something beautiful. These wax-cast earrings feature undulating lines boxed in — much like Samsa — by four walls of shining sterling silver.

Material: Recycled sterling silver (925)
Dimensions: 77 x 15 mm (each)

•Edition of 10
•Handcrafted in Athens
•Sold as pair